About Sarah

Hello! Growing up, I snapped countless pictures of flowers, animals, and scenery; back when it took a week to send off and develop a roll of film. My dad insisted that he had shares in Kodak, and when Walmart finally opened a store in my small home-town in Ontario, Canada, and provided the one-hour photo service, it only cemented his belief.

I love to capture beauty so it can be remembered long after the memory starts to fade; my photos are among my most cherished possessions. Among my other loves are family, music, gardening and reading books. 

Now that I've married Anna's brother, David, and transplanted to NC, Timeless Treasures Photography has welcomed me into the business. I'm thankful that God has given me an opportunity to learn more about a hobby which I've always enjoyed. As second shooter,  I get to focus on details, different angles, and sometimes just holding an umbrella! :) I'm excited to share my experiences and I can't wait to help capture your special life moments! 

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