About Anna

Hey y'all!  Thanks for stopping by!  I'm Anna and I'm 21 years old! 

The most important thing about me is that Jesus is my Savior and Best Friend!  He has blessed me more than I could imagine or could ever deserve!  My goal in photography and everything else in life is to point people to Christ!

Working on my church bus route and just working with children is a big part of my life!!

I also love listening to bluegrass gospel music, playing mandolin, fiddle, piano and trying to play any other {bluegrass} instrument I can get my hands on!!

I get excited about little things like learning to play a new song, going to fiddlers conventions, hanging out with friends, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, homemade
ice cream with family, taking a special picture by accident, reading a good book, getting a picture colored by one of my little friends, or getting a comment on the blog! :)

Even though my papaw is always taking pictures I never thought it was something I could do until several years ago when I ended up with a camera in my hand!  I took a few halfway good pictures and I was hooked!! I decided then that I wanted to get better at taking pictures and maybe be a photographer one day!

For me, pictures are memories.  They freeze time.  They can take you back to how you felt and what you were doing when the picture was taken.  An old family
picture reminds you that you used to be taller than your little brother or that your sister used to fix her hair that way!  I hope I can help capture memories
for others, just to freeze that moment so they'll never forget it!


Pictures by Melissa Cockman Photography


  1. I think you could be a great photographer the way these pictures look. And I know that this ain't even all the work you have done. What I have seen, you are very good and I know you will only continue to get better.

  2. Anna,

    Saw your blog and think it is great you have a business. Congratulations!

    Philip Whoman

    PS - Say Hello to your brother David for me. I have not heard from him since our preschool years.


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