Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Randy Collins + Heather Childers {Wedding 10.01.11}

We shot our first wedding on October 1, 2011!   Heather is Anna's cousin and we were excited when she asked us to be the photographers for her and Randy's wedding!   Thanks Heather and Randy for giving us our first chance to be wedding photographers!   We hope y'all enjoy the pictures!

Heather's son, Korbin

Randy's daughters, Madison and Mackenzie

Cara and Anna

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sunrise and Sunset at the Beach {October 2011}

Hey y'all, Anna here!  Back in October, my family went to the beach and I just wanted to share some of my pictures!  These are a few of the pictures that I got at sunrise and sunset while we were there!

Notice the lightning in the cloud!  I just kept clicking my shutter to try to catch that and I finally did!

I wasn't in a good position to catch the sunset, but I was happy with how this picture turned out!

Thank you sir for fishing right there at that time!  It made my shot!

Click to make this bigger so you can see the sunlight on the waves!