Saturday, August 29, 2015

Katelyn : North Carolina Senior Photography

 Katelyn started coming to my church about 2 years ago.  A lot of her personality reminds me of myself as a teenager.  Quiet & shy, I'll see her standing to the side either watching all that's going on or just lost in her own world.  People tend to think that girls like us are stuck up or angry or sad, but really, we just have nothing to say at the moment.  Or we have tons to say, but can't get the words out like we think they should be, so we don't even try.  But when Katelyn gets around a friend that she's comfortable with, you see her start to open up.  It was a privilege to catch her genuine laugh & smiles in these photos!  We had a great time during her session talking & laughing & just being ourselves!  After she graduates this coming June, Katelyn wants to go to Bible college to study Christian Education & teach in a private school.  She loves the Lord & is striving to serve Him with her life!  I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for your future, Katelyn, & pray that you'll always seek his will & let his light shine through you! :)

The light here was absolutely perfect!

Shy & Sweet :)

This is one of my favorites!  Love that she's laughing!

Seriously, this girl's eyes & hair are just gorgeous!


Me: Ok, now do the Katelyn hand thing.  Katelyn: What? What is that.  Me: Doing that ^ with my hands.  Katelyn: (laughing) Ohh I do really do that all the time!

Definitely another of my favorites!

Story time with Anna & Sarah definitely got some laughs out of Katelyn! ;)

That wall & those leaves & her dress!!  Love it! :)