Friday, August 24, 2012

Coming soon - Caleb + Kristen || Engagement Session

Anna here again! :)  Here's a peek at a session that Cara couldn't make it to, so I shot it by myself!  This is my sweet friend, Kristen and her fiance, Caleb.  Feel free to leave comments here!  We'd love it if you'd like our facebook page too! :)




Thursday, August 23, 2012

Drew + Allie || Just for fun {August 9, 2012}

Hey there!

It's Anna here.  We recently did a shoot with one of my best friends in the whole world!  He also happens to be my cousin & Cara's brother, Andrew.  Only, {I think} he has a new best friend...  some blonde headed girl named Allie!  :)  This was a "just for fun" session & it was just that.... fun!  I had a great time getting to know Drew's girlfriend, Allie a little better!  These two are extremely photogenic!  It also helps that they were up for anything & had a lot of ideas of their own to add to the session!  We got just as many crazy and funny pictures as we did serious ones.  Yeah, I think they fit good together. :)  I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them!!


Even if you don't have facebook, you can check out more of their session ---> right here!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tyler, Maddie, and McGwire {cousins}

Cousins!  We love cousins here at TTP!  Cara and I know how a cousin can be one of your best friends!  We were thrilled when we were asked to do photos of these 3!  They act like they don't like each other... but it's obvious that they are all friends!  I think deep down, they wouldn't know what to do without each other!  It was a very hot day, but they did great and stuck it out with us!




Cousins - only 3 years age difference, but look at that height difference! :)
Brother & Sister


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{Bridals} Joy Mills (Worley)

We couldn't have asked for a more relaxed and fun bride for our first bridal session!  Miss Joy was up for anything, including walking through the woods in her wedding dress.  Also, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Brown for letting us use their beautiful property for this session.  All around, this was a great experience and we look forward to doing more bridal sessions!


Monday, June 4, 2012


This girl is going to be famous someday... and when she is, just remember you saw her here first!  :)  I don't think we could take a bad picture of Miss Autumn.  She was so easy to work with!  Autumn's younger sister, Maggie came along and we joked about hiring her as our assistant!  :)  Maggie had plenty of ideas, loved helping us carry our props, and could spot a flower a mile away!  Thanks for the fun times girls!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chelsea {Just for fun}

Miss Chelsea had not had pictures done since her senior pictures a few years ago, so her Nana contacted us about doing some pictures while she was in town back in January.  We've had to work around her college schedule to let her proof and pick up her pictures, but we are finally getting them on here.  Chelsea wanted pictures in the woods and we had a great time with her and her Nana while doing this session!  Thanks Chelsea and Ms. Becky!


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hope and Sarah

I told Hope that we would go outside and take pictures before she left my house, but by the time we got around to doing it, it was raining.  She said, "It's just dripping" (drizzling), "We can take pictures."  Since she was determined to take pictures, then so was I.  We grabbed a blanket and an umbrella & outside we went!  It stopped "dripping" soon after and Sarah Grace joined us for some pictures!  Hope ended up not wanting to co-operate for many pictures, but here are a few that I got!