Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Doug + Clara & Their Wonderful, Epic, Sweet, Wedding Day

Doug & Clara.  These two are amazing!  They were both wonderful to work with & as you'll see throughout these photos, the looks they give each other just make you want to be in love yourself.  They had so many little details that were so unique to them.  The main focus of a wedding many times is the couple, but there are so many things that have taken place to get them to this day.  God, family, & friends are all a very important part of any given story...

Doug & his son, Caleb.

How beautiful is this venue?  If you're looking for a place for your wedding, Carolina Barn Weddings & Events is a really beautiful place!  The owner, Ms. Kay, is great to work with!

Clara's mom's wedding dress & a note that she wrote to her.

There was a different quote on each table

We loved Clara's hair style!

"Something blue"  The heart was cut from one of her dad's old shirts with a note written on it from him to Clara.


I thought this was the cutest thing... a lot of times throughout the day, Clara would look at Doug & then put her head down & smile like she couldn't believe this day was really here!

That moment of realizing that you walked down the aisle as a single person & out the aisle with the one you love the most.  Together.  As husband & wife.  

I love these next few photos.  Totally un-posed.  Just two people, & their first moments as a married couple.

Family photos in front of a lake?  Yes please!

You have to love trying to get posed photos of a fellow with such personality! :)

We really did get some of his sweet side too! :)

Have I mentioned the way these two look at each other?

Admiring her dress!

When I asked for one word that would describe them as a couple, Clara said, Epic.  Yes, epic is exactly how I'd describe them during their couple photos!

"Life with you makes perfect sense.  You're my best friend."

Clara: "We truly love being with each other and everyday things are fun just because we're doing them together."

Two people who worked together, became friends, each left that job, kept in touch, became best friends, & fell in love.

While taking these last two, Doug was off to the side watching.  We'll just say that he seemed to approve of these pictures very much! :)

Cute cake topper for the win! :)

Clara & Doug had an anniversary dance.  All the married couples got on the floor & then were asked to sit down if they had been married less than 24 hours, 5 years, 10 years, etc.

Clara's parents, her grandparents in the back, & Doug's parents.

Clara's grandparents had been married the longest & gave advice to Doug & Clara when the dance was over.

"A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you."

"Forever... Every day... You & Me."