Sunday, January 24, 2016

Wedding Preview | Hunter & Hailee

Hunter & Hailee's wedding day is at the top of my list as far as sweet weddings go, with hands-down the cutest first kiss ever!  Here's a little preview to hold you over until I can get a full blog post up!  

Whole wedding party selfie happening here :D

"You're the answer to my prayers.  Every dream come true.  You're everything I wanted.  God only knew."

The rest of their post should be up this coming week!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Behind the Scenes | 2015

This has been a good year!  We photographed 8 weddings this year!  The first 2, I photographed with Cara & the last 6 were with Sarah.  I'm not a huge fan of photos of myself, but since most of these feature my hair (which I do like... most days ;) ) then I'm willing to share them with y'all!  We loved being a part of each one of these weddings & seeing how each couple is so totally different.  My main goals for each wedding is to help the couple feel comfortable & stress free, capture them just as they are, & bring glory to the Lord.  Sarah & I are looking forward to 2016 & whatever comes our way in this business that we love!  I hope y'all enjoy this glimpse into our job as wedding photographers.

Ring shots!
When I get a chance, I like to sign the guest book & leave a little note for the bride & groom.
annd this is usually how I respond to pictures... it's a reflex really.
Photo credit to my friend, Melissa Cockman Photography.  She invited me to her studio to help photograph two sets of twins in one day!
My little brother was a groomsman in our 2nd wedding.  He didn't get his tie until he got to church & it turns out that I matched the wedding party!
Introducing Sarah!!  My new sister-in-law became my second shooter this year & we've had such a great time working together!

It's always a plus when our nieces are attending the wedding too!
A picture to celebrate our survival after our first wedding together! :)
We enjoyed being back at Breezy Meadows Farm for two weddings this year!

Ah yes, me... trying not to be bossy while being bossy.
I think Sarah just goes with me to get the food & I'm obviously there for the cake... we make a great team! :D
Rainy barn weddings call for braids to disguise crazy hair!
The guys, intently watching for my next set of directions.
There's about an 80% chance that I'll kick my shoes off at some point while shooting a wedding... it's just so much easier to get around barefooted.

Setting up what turned out to be one of my favorite ring shots of the year!
Sarah, doing what needs to be done!
Moving in for the shot!

Sarah's such a great model for my light / location testing!

Eating again?  We were walking back to the church from doing groomsmen photos.  I turned to talk to Sarah & she was eating crackers!  I told you.... she's all about the food! ;)
We're serious about our ring shots, y'all!
I love Sarah's hair in this one!
Seriously, this is a drain for water that Sarah noticed & wanted to take a ring shot here!
Can you spot Sarah?
This one made me laugh... creeping behind the bride & groom! :D

2016, here we come!