Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lewis & Samantha - Love at First Sight || 7.26.14

"All I'm needing is you by my side
A couple kids & a simple life
Wouldn't want it any other way
Yeah, I'm holding to the things that I believe in
Baby, I've got everything that I'm needing
I ain't leavin' "

Lewis's mom talked him into going to a friends graduation... who turned out to be a friend of Samantha's brother.  Well, the two of them noticed each other right away & both talked to their mutual friend, Garrett, about each other.  But, Lewis thought Samantha was only 16!  Thanks for clearing that up, Garrett!  She was 21.  As Samantha was getting ready to leave, Lewis had Garrett introduce them, she said they should hang out, & he was all for it! :)  He got her number & they planned a date for the next Thursday... supper & fishing!  Samantha says, "It was definitely love at first sight!  We felt like we'd known each other forever & we just have all the same ideas for everything."  So, of course they went out again on Friday & have been together ever since!  October 24, 2013, Lewis asked Samantha to be his wife & they've built a house & planned a wedding since then!

I really enjoyed being a part of their beautiful day!  & really, how many people can get married in the front yard of the house that they've built?!

I was walking through the house to let Samantha know that we were there & I turned around to say something to Cara, but she wasn't there.  I found her staring in this room at the front of their house.  Isn't the wall color amazing?  Let me tell you, the light was just as stunning in there!  They're setting it up as their exercise room & wanted a happy color for the walls, besides that the paint was on sale!  Double win!

Lewis's one request was that we do pictures in front of his tractor!

This is Lewis's brother, Andrew.  There always has to be one crazy one in the bunch right? :)  This is the 2nd time Andrew has been in a wedding party that I've photographed & it just doesn't get boring with him around!

Did I mention that Lewis plays banjo?  Yes, he does!

I loved hearing them play & sing to relax before the wedding!

While Samantha was getting ready in the next room.

Samantha's sister Hannah & her new sister-in-law, Jennie.  Jennie did a wonderful job doing Samantha's hair & her own & isn't Hannah's hair just gorgeous?

Watching out the window as people are getting there

The program-fans were a great idea!

Mr. & Mrs. Brown :)

Lewis & Samantha are like those bluegrass or old country songs that talk about a simple life & the one you love.  You know what I'm talking about... the front porch swing, slow-down-what's-your-hurry, God, family, & country kind of people.  They have a love for each other that is just so comfortable... as if they've known each other their whole lives, but are still just happy to be by each other's side.

They put together so many little details for their reception!  I loved the little jelly wedding favors with the sign that said "Spread the Love."  Oh & those camouflage Mr. & Mrs. corn hole boards!

P.S. they had a bluegrass band!

Lewis & his family played & sang a song for Samantha!  The quote at the top of this post is from the song they sang.

Samantha's sister Hannah, & their grandma dancing.

You know those weddings where everyone seems afraid to catch the bouquet or garter?  This was not one of those weddings!