Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Karen {Senior}

      Meet our friend, Karen, aka Larrie, aka KP!  She graduated from highschool this past June!  We had so much fun hanging out and taking her senior pictures!
      This girl is an awesome soccer player...breaking records at her school & getting her name in the paper after almost every game!  Guess what she's doing in college?  You got it...playing soccer!

She has the best 'serious' face!                 Also, the best 'silly' face!

Look at her blue eyes!    Cara & I agreed that she could be a model!

This is Karen's favorite picture from the shoot!  It's also the one that captures her personality the best!

Karen's answer to everything is 'Jesus'... Karen, who's pencil is this? "It's Jesus' pencil."   Hey Karen, I have a question... "Jesus is always the answer." :)

Karen, have fun in college & don't forget...Jesus is always the answer!

~Cara & Anna