Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Carrie's Family {Part 2}

Here it is...what you've all been waiting for!  Ok I'll admit it, that was a little dramatic, but I sure am excited for y'all to see this post!  Here's part 2 of Carrie and her girls!

Cara and Anna

Monday, January 16, 2012

Carrie's Family {Part 1}

Yes, this one is in two parts and they will be our last posts of pictures from 2011!  These were used as Christmas presents, so we had to wait to put them on here.  You may remember Carrie and her girls from This post!  The Talbert family was the first session that Cara and I (Anna) ever did together and that's when we decided we would try to build a business together!  We owe them a lot of thanks for bearing with us that day!  Now, since I'm pretty sure nobody reads all my rambling up here anyways let me just say, we enjoyed every minute with these girls and hope y'all enjoy the results!

Peyton is a nature girl all the way!  She was always picking up sticks, leaves, or flowers.  Before they got to the session, her mom told her not to touch any bugs or she would have been playing with them too!

We always love spending time with our dear friend and her girls!  Thanks for letting us 'shoot you', Carrie!

Taylor started playing the mandolin this past year, and she is learning quickly!  She seems to have fun playing!  Stick with it, Taylor, you're doing great!

Cara and Anna

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Family {11.25.11}

Big Family + Camo + Golf carts = Fun!!  This was our first time working with this big of a family!!  We hope y'all enjoy the results!

This was their idea for a pose & we love how it turned out!


How sweet :)

Pretty girls
These two are all boy

They love their big brother


Cara and Anna