Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Kyle & Amber - A Very Blessed Wedding Day

Blessed.  I always ask my couples for one word that describes them as a couple.  Kyle & Amber's word was, blessed.  When you know that you're truly blessed of the Lord with this person that He's given to you, well that makes for a beautiful beginning of a life together. 

The day started with all the girls helping each other get ready!

Amber wanted to do a first look with her daddy.  So sweet!

Father & daughter praying together.

Beautiful ladies!  I loved how much the sparkles & wraps added to the dresses!

Prayer time

Getting the groom ready

Kyle's parents praying over him!

The guys prayer time.

Amber waited around the corner for Kyle.  As soon as he got there & reached for her hand he said, "Hey babe, how ya doing?  We're getting married today!  Can you believe it?"

Their last conversation & prayer together before becoming husband & wife!

Kyle & Amber wanted the Lord to be glorified in every detail of their wedding & I think He was.  From all of the prayers sent up for the Lord to be with them, to their story of waiting for each other & the Lord's timing, to the cross above them as the two publicly spoke their vows to each other, & the beautiful picture of Christ's love for us that was relayed throughout the ceremony.

This was a fun surprise for Cara & I!  Our friends, The Edwards Family, did the special music for the ceremony & reception!  Of course, they did a wonderful job as always!

The first kiss... EVER!! :)

And a happy, fast walk out of the church

Siblings :)

Several times, Kyle would say, "Babe, we're married now!  Isn't that something?!"

"The best love stories are written by God"

Seriously, there was a swing set... what were we supposed to do, pretend it wasn't there?  I don't think so! :)

I don't want you to miss the fact that although these two are very serious about their relationship & what God has done for them, they're also a lot of fun!  They play together & act like a couple of kids! :)

Amber says she knew by the 2nd date that Kyle was the man she would marry

Their couple portrait time was so sweet, Kyle couldn't keep his eyes off of her

This is one of Amber's bridal photos that we took!  It's so exciting to see our work printed & displayed!  I don't think we could have taken a bad picture of this girl!

After spending the whole day with a bride & groom, it all comes down to this.  Are they going to smash it or not?

That would be a yes!

A very big yes!  Amber smashed & rubbed it in & Kyle got cake all over her face in return!

Here's wishing y'all many more blessed years together!