Monday, November 24, 2014

The day Miss Shaylyn Moreno became Mrs. Matthew Tomberlin

 Shaylyn & I were both home schooled & have known each other for years, but have just become friends in the last 2 years or so.  We've had long visits at Panera Bread & talked about all kinds of life things... past, present, & future.  When she said last year that she was spending her Christmas Eve touring a fire station... yeah, I knew a story was coming! :)  She said... "Matthew.  He loves Jesus.  He makes me so happy.  He said he knew he was going to marry me after the first time he saw me."  Basically he was the strong leader that she had prayed for, the man who loved God & asked him who he should marry, & the one that God brought to her when she wasn't expecting him.

A note Shaylyn gave to Matthew before the wedding.  He didn't want us there while he read it ;)

Shaylyn's sister, Taylor, her friends Hannah & Hilary, & her youngest sister Courtney made up her bridal party!  This is such a sweet group of girls!  We loved hanging out with them before the wedding.

Matthew.  I mentioned something to him about the wedding being mostly the bride's day, but Matthew quickly let me know that he had looked forward to this day for years.  Long before he knew Shaylyn.  He said he was just as excited to see all the things that he'd thought of & prayed for come together on this day as he & Shaylyn became husband & wife.

Isn't she a beauty?

Help from mom with her shoes :)

Shaylyn's grandmother was overjoyed for her!  She hugged her several times & kept saying how happy she was.

Shaylyn put the necklaces on her bridesmaids that she had bought for them.

When I'm getting ready for the ceremony, I always take a few shots of the crowd to get my lighting set.  People usually see me taking photos & turn their heads away or try to pretend I'm not there.  So I definitely got a laugh out of Shaylyn's uncle waving at my camera & the reactions he got from those around him! :) 

Waiting.  Almost time!

Matthew & Shaylyn Tomberlin

Let the hugs begin!

Shaylyn's dad & Matthew

Shaylyn's mom & Matthew

Matthew & his mom

Their sweet little flower girl, Allie!  Shaylyn's sister babysits Allie & they all love her so much!  Isn't she a cutie?

Matthew's brother, Andrew, his dad, & his friends, John Mark & Drew.

"Matthew & Shaylyn's ultimate desire is to honor God through their marriage.  We are of the belief that an earthly marriage between a man and a woman is symbolic of the heavenly marriage of Christ and His Bride, the redeemed Church."
(This is a little bit of what Matthew & Shaylyn wrote about their purpose on their wedding website.)

For you guys who aren't married yet... let me just say, don't wait until the photographer tells you to help her with her dress.  Please, just help her with it!  It's really sweet, she's going to love it, & your photographer will most likely be thrilled to capture those real moments of you just being a gentleman.  This was totally un-posed, just walking from one place to the next & Matthew reached down to help hold her dress!!

"From this day forward,
You shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter,
And my arms will be your home"

Love their picture guest book!

Candy table... yes!

Seriously, that back drop, those candles, & these two sweet, just-married people.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole night...  It's not the most technically perfect picture, but it's so full of emotion.  Shaylyn holding on to the two men who mean the most to her.  Her daddy & her new husband.  While all of her closest friends & family watch.

Oh, did I mention?  They drove away in a fire truck!  Lights flashing, horn blowing, & all! :)

To begin their happily ever after