Monday, January 2, 2017

Behind the Scenes | 2016

This is such a fun post to put together!  I love looking back & remembering the fun (& work :D) of each job that y'all have trusted us with!  We're so grateful to each of you who chose us as your photographers in 2016!  Our big, first time experience for this past year was flying to photograph a wedding!  We hope you enjoy this peek at what happens behind the scenes of this job that we love!  To see more behind the scenes in real time in 2017, follow along on our Instagram stories (Timeless Treasures Photography, Anna, Sarah)

Photographer & janitor?

Our first wedding of the year was for a girl that I've known since we were little!  She asked my sister to play the piano for them!

Our nieces, Hope & Sarah, love Asheton (the bride) & were happy to help with her dress!

Job requirement: fluff up pretty dresses while cute couples forget for a minute that you exist ;)

Just helping out the wind with that wind-blown look

I couldn't find Sarah during the reception, but eventually I located her... in the kitchen... having a snack! :D

Some things never change... Sarah comes for the food & I'm there for the cake.

I'm never sure if it's a plus or negative to photograph weddings at our church... with the people that we know. :P

Nehemiah made it into our post last year by accident, but we didn't want to risk missing out on having him this year!

We photographed the sweetest wedding in a little mountain church back in April!  We talked to the grooms mom about bluegrass & everyone treated us as if we were family!

Sarah, getting those details!

Always adjusting rings & hands

Though all the rest of these pictures were taken during weddings & sessions, this is how most of our behind the scenes is spent.  In front of the computer, emailing, uploading, editing, adjusting, posting, & packaging!

Demonstrating the pose :)  

Amber's mom, helping out during her bridal session

Sarah doesn't mind climbing up to get the shot!

Showing Lauren what a great model she is! :)

These photos took awhile since we kept having to move to let cars pass!

I flew for the first time this year!

Waiting to board

Documenting our trip on Insta-stories!  Sarah was around 6 months pregnant!

Our first taxi ride ever

In the taxi

Pinning on boutonnieres... also part of being a photographer sometimes!

While getting ready for this post, we had a conversation about like this...
Anna: Sarah you're great at getting shots of me while I'm working!
Sarah: Well, I don't always try to, some of them just happen when you step into my shot!
Anna: Oops! Sorry about that!

This is me, giving very animated directions as to which way we'd be walking next & Dan & Melissa listening intently to my every word! :D

We really like to share the gorgeousness that we're getting to see!

I really enjoyed our family sessions this year!  Kids don't always like to have their picture taken, so sometimes you have to play for a little while before you get the good smiles! :)

Sarah took the boys to see the chickens while I took pictures of mom & dad

Our last session was senior pictures for my "little" cousin, Micah!  I still can't believe he's that old, y'all & he's obviously taller than me now!  On Thanksgiving Day, with this chair as a prop, we walked around my yard, driveway, & my grandparents' yard for his session!

Happy New Year!  2017, we're ready for you!